Deep Dive into RAG Architectures

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Deep Dive into RAG Architectures

By Vectara

We hope you can join us in this intimate deep dive into RAG Architectures presented by the Vectara ML Team.

Introduction A brief welcome and overview of the evening's agenda, highlighting the significance of RAG architectures in the field of machine learning.

Unlocking the Power of RAG: Live Code Demo and Platform Insights An in-depth look at Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), including a demonstration of our platform and an introduction to HHEM versions 1 and 2.
Interactive Q&A: Dive Deeper into RAG An opportunity for attendees to ask questions and discuss the presented topics.
Dissecting the R in RAG Exploring the nuances of dual-encoders vs. cross-encoders, their differences, and why they matter in the context of RAG.

Calibration A discussion on the importance of calibration in RAG systems and best practices.

UI in the Age of AI A talk on how UI patterns are evolving with the advent of generative AI and RAG, highlighting current trends and considerations.

Closing Remarks Concluding the event with final thoughts and encouraging continued engagement and learning within the RAG community.

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