Scott Graham | Saguaro Sanction & Gerald Elias | Roundtree Days

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Scott Graham | Saguaro Sanction & Gerald Elias | Roundtree Days

By The King's English Bookshop

TKE is proud to present a virtual event featuring author Scott Graham, author of Saguaro Sanction (National Park Mystery Series #8)  and Gerald Elias, author of Roundtree Days: A Jefferson Dance Western Mystery

About Saguaro Sanction:
When Janelle Ortega's cousin from Mexico is found brutally murdered at a remote petroglyph site in Saguaro National Park, she and her husband, archaeologist Chuck Bender, are drawn deep into a threatening web of hostility and deceit stretching south across the US-Mexico border and back in time a thousand years, to when the Hohokam people thrived in the Sonoran Desert.
Book 8 in Scott Graham's National Park Mystery Series introduces readers to the landscapes and cultural histories of Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona, providing an inside look at the wonders of the wildly popular national park and its archaeological and cultural complexities.

About Roundtree Days:
Simmering just under the surface of the levity of Roundtree Days, an annual festival celebrating the sensational hit television series, Roundtree, a clash of cultures between traditional and progressive values threatens to tear apart a proud Western town surrounded by an unforgiving desert environment. In a single day, Jefferson Dance, acting sheriff of Loomis City, Utah, confronts a suspected kidnapping, a surreal hostage situation, arson, and murder, while fending off his popular fictional double, who the public perceives as a real life hero. In a setting in which fantasy and reality become blurred, Dance unearths the town's dark secrets as he brings the culprits to justice in the course of twenty-four hours.

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