Teaching Social Studies in the Garden with the C3 Framework

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Teaching Social Studies in the Garden with the C3 Framework

By KidsGardening

Join us for a webinar exploring the fusion of social studies education and outdoor learning through the lens of the C3 Framework. This session will guide educators, parents, and garden enthusiasts to harness the power of gardens as vibrant settings for teaching social studies concepts, promoting civic literacy, and nurturing active, informed citizens.

Focus areas will include:
  • Exploring the C3 Framework: Understand the foundations of the C3 Framework and its significance in promoting inquiry-based, civics-focused social studies education.
  • Discovering the Garden as a Social Studies Classroom: Learn how to transform your garden into an engaging, hands-on social studies classroom where students explore history, geography, economics, and civics in a natural and interactive environment.
  • Cultivating Community Connections: Discover how garden-based social studies education fosters connections with local communities and encourages civic engagement among students.
  • Discussing Real-World Examples: Hear inspiring success stories and practical examples from educators who have effectively used the C3 Framework to teach social studies in the garden.
Whether you're an educator eager to enrich your social studies curriculum, a parent interested in fostering civic literacy, or a garden enthusiast passionate about social studies, this webinar will equip you with knowledge and strategies to create a dynamic, garden-based social studies learning experience.


Regi Jones (They/Them) is the National Training & Curriculum Specialist for Life Lab. Regi grew up and attended university in North Carolina. Their passion for education began while working with groups of Burmese youth in the summer, which launched Regi into moving to New Orleans to dive into their curiosity about the connection between food and education. Regi primarily focuses on how food can be used to connect people across cultures and how what we eat is shaped by our own ancestral connections. When they're not thinking about how to draw young people into those conversations, Regi loves any outdoor activity, trying new foods, and playing basketball in the park.

This webinar will be recorded and available for viewing on this web page immediately following the presentation.

To turn on live captions during the presentation, please join using the Chrome browser and visit this page for instructions on how to turn them on: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/10538231?hl=en









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