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Authentic Practical Community

By Contemplative Interbeing

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us! Every week on Crowdcast (Wed & Sun), join our vibrant exploration of contemplation and action. Immerse yourself in a space that ignites personal growth, healing, and awakening, fostering authentic engagement with timeless wisdom from diverse traditions.

Inspired by the scripture "Every disciple of the kingdom is like a householder who draws out from his storage room. Things both old and new," our Crowdcast sessions on Contemplation and Action delve deep into the perennial tradition.

We believe in honoring the richness of this tradition, aligning its essence with the heartbeat of our current reality, inclusive of all spiritual paths. It's about more than preserving beliefs; it's about amplifying timeless truths to profoundly resonate in today's psychological, sociological, and political landscape.

Our approach respects the invaluable elements of the Christian tradition while articulating them in a language that speaks universally. We recognize the fatigue towards conventional constructs and aspire to reignite their relevance, offering pathways to spiritual significance in an ever-evolving world.

In 2024, our journey encompasses more than just bridging the gap between timeless wisdom and present needs. We're committed to providing you with actionable insights that facilitate the integration of eternal wisdom into your daily life. Encounter how growing up, cleaning up, waking up, opening up, and showing up can transform your life.

Our sessions on Contemplation and Action are not mere discussions; they're immersive experiences. Engage actively, share your thoughts, and embrace transformative practices with fellow seekers.

Join us! Your presence and active involvement are pivotal. Let's collectively embody these timeless truths, infusing depth and meaning into our daily existence across all traditions.

Together, let's explore how these eternal insights catalyze personal transformation, guiding us toward purposeful and harmonious living in our complex world.

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