Webinar - Accounting for Crypto in 2023

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Webinar - Accounting for Crypto in 2023

By Web3CFO Club

The web3CFO club will be hosting its 1st webinar to discuss ‘Accounting for Crypto’

We shall be joined by Michael Gonzales , Assurance Partner from Ernst & Young, Suzanne Morsfield , Head of Accounting Solutions from Lukka and Martin Grosvenor-Wong, Assurance Partner from Ernst & Young who will provide us with the latest updates and guidance on accounting for crypto assets in 2023.

More specifically, the webinar will focus on the following;

✅ Crypto Accounting for 2023 (FASB updates)
✅ Treatment for Stablecoins - USDC v/s DAI
✅ Fair Value Measurement
✅ Audit Evidence with crypto on your balance sheet

Christophe L,
CEO @ Request Finance
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Web3CFO Club

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