ABCD's of Medicare*

Charles County Public Library




ABCD's of Medicare*

By Charles County Public Library

Are you turning 65 or over 65 and getting ready retire, receiving Social Security Disability for two years, caring for a Medicare eligible family member and now faced with the ABCD's of Medicare? Are you overwhelmed by the tv advertisements and mass amounts of Medicare literature from multiple insurance companies? Your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) can help demystify all parts of Medicare, review benefits programs and available resources.

Topics Covered in this Workshop:

Medicare Part A: Hospital Insurance
Medicare Part B: Medical Insurance
Medicare Part C: Advantage Plans
Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Plans
Financial Assistance for Low-Income Beneficiaries
Billing Issues, Appeals, Denials, and Grievances
Medicare Fraud and Abuse
Supplemental Insurance
Your rights, and more.

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