Company valuations and ESOPs: What you need to know.

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Company valuations and ESOPs: What you need to know.

By Orchestra

Company valuations play a key part in determining your employee share options plan (ESOP). When a company initially explores an ESOP, the fair market valuation will inform many aspects of your ESOP design including the plan, structure and financing considerations.
Join an expert panel who will help to unpack common questions asked about valuing your company and what to consider when setting up an ESOP.

We will cover questions such as:
  1. Is a company valuation needed when setting up an ESOP?
  2. How often should I value my company?
  3. How should I value the shares in an employee share scheme?
  4. What exercise price should I set for employee share options?
  5. What valuation methodologies are there and how do I know which one to use?
A big thanks to our expert panellists for sharing their wisdom:
  • Jean Xin, COO at Melodics
  • Hamish Chang, Director at vCFO Group
  • Andrew Simmonds, Principal at Simmonds Law
  • Ian Fay, Tax Partner at Deloitte
  • Luke Smith (host), Chief Executive Officer at Orchestra

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