Poetry Reading: Kati Katchever and Liat Mayer

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Poetry Reading: Kati Katchever and Liat Mayer

By Woodland Pattern

Kati Katchever (b.1977, she/they) is a songpoet in hues of high blue and deep amber, a flute-throated loon catching light between dusk and dawn. A deep lover of the natural world who explores the spaces where light and body meet and co-create, Kati performs an intimate mix of poems and genre-defying songpoems, imbuing each with her soulful, intuitive approach to expanding hearts and minds. She is a visual artist, musician, and small-gauge filmmaker who also fosters analog film culture via 16mm film processing, archival work, and teaching film and video production at UW–Milwaukee.

Liat Mayer has been writing poetry since reading Pablo Neruda in middle school. She has traveled widely, often using only a thumb as a vehicle. She has hung out with many youth while they navigated the difficult journey into adulthood. She is what you’d call a schemer. The creative undercurrent to all of her other pursuits has always been the poetry she reads and the poetry she writes.

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