Why Baby Care Needs A Different Approach for Product Development

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Why Baby Care Needs A Different Approach for Product Development

By St Louis SCC

Abstract: When it comes to using cosmetics for babies, we all know that these kind of cosmetics need a different approach. But why? And what exactly is important?
In this presentation you are guided through the physiological differences between babies and adults. These differences are the fundament of baby cosmetics.
A concrete strategy to develop baby products is explained. Surprisingly, you’ll discover that healthy and beneficial ingredients for adults are not necessarilly safe for babies. The focus of this presentation is on nappy cream and cleansing products. Discover how to choose ingredients for our most precious ones.

Biography: Patrick graduated as a chemical engineer and finished a specialization in cosmetic
manufacturing and dermato-cosmetic science at the Medical University of Brussels.

In 1995 he started as a consultant, supporting cosmetic producers and raw material suppliers in product development. Since the beginning, the focus of
all his developments has been to offer natural and environmentally friendly solutions.

He trained many cosmetic chemists and technical sales representatives.

Since 2002 his research has been mainly dedicated to the human microbiota, which resulted in the launch of the first prebiotic ingredient for baby care and
intimate hygiene.

He is the driving force behind many skin microbiota-derived and environmental friendly concepts, raw materials and cosmetic products.

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