Webinar Q&A #18 ~ WHAT IS TIME?

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Webinar Q&A #18 ~ WHAT IS TIME?

By Elena Danaan

I have the pleasure to announce my Webinar #18 : "WHAT IS TIME?".
This special webinar will answer all your questions about the nature of time, the theory of timelines, time travel, how "20-and-back" space programs work and other related mysteries. Discover what a time-field is and how we can change our linear thinking to comprehend the greater picture.

Participate to a Q&A and upvote your favorite questions.
Please ask SHORT questions and only 1 per person, to give a chance to everyone.
Duration: 3h00

Information mentioned in my webinars is also available for free on my YouTube channel, as well as in my books. In my webinars, I develop these topics in deeper details and I answer your questions in a Q&A, as Crowdcast allows me to speak freely from YouTube censorship. If any registration issue, please contact Crowdcast support at : [email protected] ,


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Elena Danaan

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