Advanced Manufacturing 10- 14 July 2023

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Advanced Manufacturing 10- 14 July 2023

By Engineering Futures

Advanced Manufacturing: Build your expertise

The series of webinars will cover topics such as:
  • Robotics – Streamlining production lines with new capabilities
  • Automation – Speeding up factory processes
  • Simulation & Modelling – Opening up new possibilities in product design
  • 3D Printing – Going from prototypes to production
  • Additive Manufacturing – Using trusted materials in new ways and improved possibilities via new materials
  • Energy & Sustainability – Keeping net zero on track and facing increased costs for energy
  • Digital Transformation – Making companies fit for the future
  • Software – Enabling new ways of doing business
  • Skills & Training – Closing the skills gap to tackle tomorrow’s challenges
  • Modular manufacturing – Fabricating components for SMRs
  • Gigafactories – Tackling challenges in EV production

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