Aerospace and Defence 27 Nov - 1 Dec 2023

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Aerospace and Defence 27 Nov - 1 Dec 2023

By Engineering Futures

Aerospace and Defence: Fly into tomorrow

The event will cover topics including:
  • 3D printing in aerospace – Opening up new design possibilities
  • Low/ zero-carbon flight (Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAFs), Hydrogen flight) – Reducing emissions to keep aviation flying
  • UK space industry (rockets, satellites, new space ports, launches) – Providing new opportunities for a spacefaring nation
  • Training and talent management – Bridging the skills gap
  • Space based solar power – Developing the sci-fi style concept
  • Cyber security – Keeping aircraft safe and secure
  • Hypersonic weapon development – Meeting the challenges of modern conflict
  • Space junk – Tackling the challenge of space debris
  • Autonomous swarms – Adding capabilities to future fighter jet
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