Alex Collier Andromedan Contactee - Question & Answer Webinar - September 15, 2023

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Alex Collier Andromedan Contactee - Question & Answer Webinar - September 15, 2023

By Alex Collier Webinars

Special Question & Answer Webinar from Alex Collier!

Alex is hosting his 42nd 2-hour *LIVE* Question & Answer webinar by popular demand. This webinar usually does not include a monologue. Alex will be answering your questions right through.
  • Tired of Your Questions Not Being Answered?
During a normal webinar, it is not unusual for attendees to ask more than 50 questions, and there is never enough time to get to them all. This special Question & Answer webinar is designed for attendees to ask questions. Alex will go through as many as he can in 2-hours! So, if you have asked a question in the past and Alex hasn't answered it, this webinar is for you!
  • With Your Hosts...
Alex Collier, JayPee & James Harkin
  • Please Sign Up Now!
Special *LIVE* Question & Answer webinar tickets are available for $9.99.
  • Replay is available for those who cannot attend LIVE!
The webinar will be available indefinitely for anyone purchasing a live webinar ticket. A replay will be available after the live webinar if you cannot attend the live webinar. Use the link you receive when you sign up.
  • Please follow these Rules when Asking Questions!
As we have many new attendees at each webinar, we must change the questions and answer session at the end to make it fairer for everyone. Here are the new rules: 1) One question at a time. 2) Keep questions short (Maximum 1-2 short sentences, not an essay!). 3) If more than one question is asked at one time, the first question only will be asked. 4) If the question is too long, the host will paraphrase it. 5) Ask your questions before the webinar to give attendees time to review and Vote Up your question (The earlier you buy your ticket, the better your chance of getting your question asked). 6) Do not ask webinar attendees to vote your question up. 7) Questions will be asked in order of the number of votes it receives, with no exceptions.

Please *VOTE UP* any questions you want Alex to answer first.

PLEASE NOTE: We expect to see an incredibly large number of questions asked. Please understand there is no guarantee your question will be answered within the 2 hours. For the best chances of your question being answered, please register as soon as possible and enter your question in the system to allow people time to review and upvote it. Thank you.
  • More Information
For more information on Alex Collier and webinars, please visit
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Please share the webinar registration link with your friends using the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn buttons above. This does not mean copying the webinar and uploading it yourself. It also means you should not rip the audio and upload that, either!

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