BOOTSTRAPS Screening + Q&A [In-Person]

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BOOTSTRAPS Screening + Q&A [In-Person]

By The BIG Conference

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Americans from diverse walks of life received a basic income from 2017-2020. Come for a sneak peek viewing of the rough cut pilot episode for Bootstraps, the docuseries that followed their experience through it all.

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Deia Schlosberg, Pale Blue Dot Media, Director

Conrad Shaw, Pale Blue Dot Media, Comingle
Conrad is a researcher, producer, writer, and activist in the UBI space since 2016, when he teamed up with his now wife and partner Deia Schlosberg on the BOOTSTRAPS UBI pilot and docuseries project. During his time working on BOOTSTRAPS, Conrad also created and penned a couple dozen essays on different facets of UBI. In 2020, Conrad joined the team of, a startup web platform building an online solidarity community around UBI-style mutual aid, as a co-founder.

NOTE: This session will not be livestreamed. Due to licensing issues, only the Q&A will be recorded. Please check back after the conference to watch the recording.

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