Ancient Gods & ETs Among Us Today – The Exopolitical Implications

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Ancient Gods & ETs Among Us Today – The Exopolitical Implications

By Dr Salla Webinars

Ancient literature from around the world is filled with information about powerful gods living and walking among humanity. Pharaonic Egypt had many temples and pyramids that hold rich evidence about the gods, their extraterrestrial origins, and how they worked with the people of that era as teachers, healers, and rulers. In particular, the Egyptian gods were very interested in helping ancient humanity learn about ascension.
Today we are on the brink of a new collective ascension opportunity. Learning about the activities of ancient Egyptian ET Gods offers invaluable insights to those who seek inner knowledge and a greater galactic understanding.
In his next webinar, Dr. Michael Salla dives deep into what he learned about Ancient Egypt from a recent field trip, and its exopolitical implications today. He discusses the key Egyptian gods and how they connect with extraterrestrial and Inner Earth civilizations, the Anunnaki, and how this information pertains to our collective ascension.
Length: 2.5 hours (includes 30 min Q&A)

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