April Picture Books to Cherish

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April Picture Books to Cherish

By Books of Wonder

Picture Books Perfect for Sharing!

These sweet stories are sure to put a smile on you and your young readers' faces! From a kind robot, to a young child learning how to wrangle their emotions, to a message of sharing your light with the world, you'll want to tune in for these great books!
Join us virtually to discover:
  • The Last Zookeeper by AARON BECKER. The Earth has flooded, but a zoo, home to rare and endangered animals, has survived. Tender-hearted NOA is a construction robot who’s found new purpose as the caretaker of the zoo’s creatures. Bracing for the next storm, NOA builds an ark from the wreckage in search of new land and a new home, only to discover something even more profound! A gorgeous wordless picture book!
  • I Am a Thundercloud by LEAH MOSER. A young child is having a bad day — they BOOM, ROAR, CRASH, and CRACKLE like an angry thundercloud. But like the sun breaking through, our protagonist processes their big emotions by relaxing, asking for help, opening up, and pausing to permit themselves to breathe. Having emotions, even angry ones, is a part of being human!
  • You Are Brave: A Book About Trying New Things inspired by SOFIA SANCHEZ. Just because you are different, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed and share your gifts and passion with the world! This book helps readers learn their own self-worth and encourages kids to overcome obstacles by sticking up for themselves and others, trying new things, and showing the world how brave they are!
Sunday, April 7th at 2PM ET via Crowdcast!

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