Aspects of Arnhem: The Battle Re-examined

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Aspects of Arnhem: The Battle Re-examined

By National Army Museum

Almost 80 years on, the Battle of Arnhem remains controversial. Opinions on its justification and success vary widely.

Whether it is the role of Allied commanders, the record of German and Allied airborne forces prior to September 1944, or even the tactical decisions made by commanders on the ground, the battle offers much to examine and review.

In this revealing talk, Richard Doherty will investigate the strategic, operational and tactical levels of the battle. He will offer fresh insights not only into how the events unfolded, but the decisions that impacted the outcome of the battle and the wider campaign of Operation Market Garden.

About Richard Doherty

The author of over 30 books, Richard Doherty has presented and advised on numerous programmes for historical series for BBC TV and BBC Radio Ulster.
As Chairman of the Irish Regiments Historical Society, he leads battlefield studies, writes for newspapers and journals, and is a trustee of three military museums. He is the Northern Ireland President of St John Ambulance and is also Librarian of the Commandery of Ards in the Order of St John.

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