Let's Talk Marketing: Do More With Less

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Let's Talk Marketing: Do More With Less


Ready to Achieve Credit Union Marketing Excellence on a Shoestring Budget?

Ever feel like a Credit Union marketing MacGyver, being constantly nudged to craft marketing miracles with what might as well be a shoestring and some chewing gum? We've all been there.

But hold your head high! Even in a sluggish economy, being a Credit Union marketer isn't about losing, it's about reinventing yourself with creativity and resourcefulness!

We want to invite you to the Banking on Experience live podcast, which is an online community event bringing together the best marketers in the Credit Union space –– to answer your most pressing marketing questions and help you overcome challenges.

This is the marketing support you’ve been waiting for.

Prepare for an online event like no other! Not only will we have special guests, each a trailblazer in creative marketing strategies, but we're also turning this into an inclusive idea exchange.

If our guests can't crack your question, your fellow participants will jump into the fray, and guess what? You can pitch in with your insights, too. It's a fantastic fusion of minds, and you're at the heart of it all!

Here's what you can expect if you attend our live podcast event:

  • You can ask any brutally honest question you want –– and you can ask it anonymously if you don’t want your identity to be revealed.
  • We’d love for you to keep your questions aligned with the theme of the show, but feel free to ask anything.
  • The show will have interactive games –– so prepare to have fun and engage with your peers (this isn’t a snoozefest webinar, it’s a live community experience).
  • Be ready to have fun with your peers and get actionable answers to your most pressing marketing questions.

My name is Joshua Barclay, Growth Marketing Manager at CRMNext and I co-host the Banking on Experience Podcast along with Jonathan Taylor, CEO at CU Sol.

We’d love for you to participate and invite other professionals like you to this live podcast event.

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