Brainfood Live On Air - Ep222 - Generational Diversity: Age & Ageism in Recruitment

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep222 - Generational Diversity: Age & Ageism in Recruitment

By Hung Lee


We all care about diversity and inclusion, but there seems to be a hierarchy as to which measures of diversity matter more than others, mainly gender and ethnicity. And yet perhaps most egregious form of discrimination is against the older worker - who we will all one day become - who are often stereotyped as stuck in their ways, lacking energy and initiative, overly expensive, a management problem and the rest. Let's also not be afraid of real talk - age is real, and no question as our minds and bodies degrade we may be more or less suitable for or interested in different types of work

What is the state of age and ageism in the workplace, and what can in TA / HR do about it?

- Egregious examples of age-ism
- Job search as an older recruiter
- Common reasons why employers discriminate against older workers
- Hiring manager vs TA - who is responsible for this?
- Techniques job seekers can use to increase / optimise chances of progress
- Employer side - who is doing anything about this?
- Examples from Saga
- Examples from BT
- What can TA / HR leaders to today to mitigate ageism and create a generationally diverse workforce.

Must attend folks

We're on Friday 8th September, 2pm BST with Steve Jewell, Contract Recruiter (CSM Corporation), Cindy Trotta, TA Manager (Sperry Rail), Jo Dalton, Founder (JD & Co), Vicki Leonard, Senior TA Partner (Saga), & Matthew Howe, Head of Volume Recruitment (BT Group)

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Hung Lee

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