Brainfood Live On Air - Ep227 - What Works for Women (in Tech)

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep227 - What Works for Women (in Tech)

By Hung Lee


As another technology wave crashes over society and forces us to adapt to new realities, we again need to review what the recurring motif of the lack of gender diversity in the world of technology. Despite the decade of effort, goodwill and investment, the ratio of women to men in the tech remains stubbornly fixed. Perhaps it is time to challenge previously held assumptions and think whether we have actually created the environment with allows people of any gender thrive.

So...What works for women in tech?

We're going to do a deep dive with one of the leading thinker-do-ers in this space, Fionnuala O'Conor, CEO of OpDem

We're on Friday 13th October 2pm BST. Follow the channel here (recommended) and register by clicking on Save My Spot

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