Brainfood Live On Air - Ep228 - How to Conduct An AI Bias Audit

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep228 - How to Conduct An AI Bias Audit

By Hung Lee


If you've been following me on any channel you will know that one of the hot items we're tracking is the state of regulation when it comes to AI. Whether it is the EU AI directive or the New York AEDT or the increasing numbers of cases going through the law courts on AI, automation and bias.

Smart TA departments will want to be using GAI to secure efficiency gains but at the same time must be wary of building processes and using technologies which may be non-compliant with near future regulation. What do do know of the rulings so far, can we guess where we need to be in to pre-compliant with AI laws?

We're going to have a go at this one with Bob Pulver, Founder (Cognitive Path), Andrew Gadomski, Founder (Aspen Analytics), with Christine Ng, Head of People & Talent (Quantum Motion) in the co-pilot seat

We're on Friday 20th October 2pm BST. Follow the channel here (recommended) and register by clicking on Save My Spot

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