Brainfood Live On Air - Ep233 - AI Enabled Job Candidates - What is Assessment Plan?

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep233 - AI Enabled Job Candidates - What is Assessment Plan?

By Hung Lee

AI Enabled Job Seekers - What is the Assessment Plan?

We know that job candidates are now extensively using generative AI tools to improve their chances of passing through job assessments. We can expect this number to increase as competition for opportunities continues to be high and innovation in tech becomes ever more sophisticated. Do we recruiters have a plan to deal with this?

You will learn:
- Candidate usage of GAI - status
- Surge of job applicants it from mass apply tech?
- GAI for CV, Cover letter, Application form
- Teleprompter tech for video interview
- Touch up enhancements (visual, audio) for video interview
- Available techniques for mitigation - detect, deter, design
- Which assessments types are MOST exposed to job seeker use of GAI?
- Which assessments types are LEAST exposed?
- What does the most future proofed assessment flow look like?

All this and more as we dip our toe into a future, where every candidate is a centaur.

We're with Christine Ng, Head of People & Talent (Quantum Motion), Robert Newry, CEO (Arctic Shores), Antonia Manoochehri, Founder (Lumenai), Becky Lee, Head of Student Talent Attraction (EY) & Bas van de Haterd, Founder (Digitaal-Werven)

We're on Thursday 16th November 2.00pm GMT. Follow the channel here (recommended) and register by clicking on Save My Spot

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