Brainfood Live On Air - Ep244 - Offboarding: How to Avoid PR Disaster

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep244 - Offboarding: How to Avoid PR Disaster

By Hung Lee


We have seem the company wide Zoom call, the recorded 1-2-1 videos, the mass email and even the classic no notice account lock out - it seems that whatever method an employer takes, there is always a risk of PR disaster when making lay offs.

Is this a matter of training, tooling or values? How can we create the right sort of process which humanises this hardest of moments within a business?

You will learn

- Psychology of lay offs
- Impact of transparency and forewarning
- Most important components for an effective and humane exit
- Balance between need to protect the organisation vs need to take care of former colleagues
- Role of the manager, CEO, colleagues and People team
- Post lay off support

We're going to examine this topic from all angles, with the help of Leslie Kivit, CPO (ex-Xapo Bank), Sophie Power, People & Talent Advisor (TA Leader, TTC), Bharath C, Recruiter (Meta), Jean-Marie Caillaud, Founder (WorkMeTender) & Arielle Kilroy, CEO (Dado).

Friday 9th February, 2.00pm GMT. Follow the channel here (recommended) and register by clicking on Save My Spot

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