Brainfood Live On Air - Ep248 - Talent Trends Report - Sourcing in 2024

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep248 - Talent Trends Report - Sourcing in 2024

By Hung Lee


Sourcing has returned to being a hot topic in 2024 in light of the recent restrictions on Linkedin data which may be significantly altered the efficacy of previously reliable sourcing techniques. We've had the expert sourcing view - lets now look at what data can tell us as CRM / ATS provider Ashby takes a deep dive on actual recruiter behaviour on their platform .

Find out about:

- Outreach volume change over time
- Candidate response rates to recruiter outreach - segmented regionally, sectionally, chronologically
- Ideal message length to response
- Frequency of contact per response
- CRM activity mapped to ATS data
- Difference between top performing recruiters and employers and the rest of the pack
- Impact on hiring volume on candidate experience

All this and more, we bring in Community & Talent Advisory Lead Willem Wijnans to lead us through the findings of this latest report.

We're on Friday 8th March, 2.00pm GMT. Follow the channel here (recommended) and register by clicking on Save My Spot

Ep248 is sponsored by our buddies Ashby

Ashby is what an ATS should be: an integration of sourcing automation, AI-supported outreach sequencing, native interview scheduling, a searchable CRM, and advanced analytics – all in one ATS++ system. That means better data, less context switching, and more streamlined workflows.

Chosen by over a thousand companies, including Quora, Docker, Ironclad, and Multiverse, Ashby stands out as the top-rated ATS on G2. It is renowned for its real-time and reliable reporting, the ability to centralize the entire hiring process, and unparalleled customer support.

Elevate your recruitment process with Ashby:

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