Brainfood Live On Air - Ep256 - How to Set Up A Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep256 - How to Set Up A Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

By Hung Lee


Having strong analytics is critical to increasing the degree of your hiring success. Much more challenging is how best to set up a dashboard which works best for your organisation and your needs. We're going to get some expert advice from talent leaders whose speciality is enabling organisations to have access to, and make better quality decisions on, the data from the talent team.

- What metrics do elite organisations use?
- Are there common analytics themes amongst high vs low performing TA teams?
- Give us the metrics that matter - please no context!
- How long do you go back in history when you get there?
- What method do we have to connecting performance data back to the assessment flow?
- Do we need a specialist analytics function to do this?
- How does Ai help us identify important metrics - can we now find / use more?
- What software works best?
- Can we see a few examples here??

All this and more on Brainfood Live On Air. We're with Luke Eaton, Head of Talent Operations (WellTech), Michael Talarek, Senior Analyst (Zalando) & Jeremy Thornton, Senior Project Manager (Citi) on Friday 10th May, 2pm BST / 9am ET

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