Brainfood Live On Air - Ep257 - Recruitment Automation Tips You Can Do Right Now

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep257 - Recruitment Automation Tips You Can Do Right Now

By Hung Lee


As the case studies accumulate, we are beginning to see the outline of what an AI-enabled recruiter looks like: it is indeed x10 more productive, perhaps even x100 more productive in certain tasks and functions. It's time to stop watching folks, and time to start doing.

- Examples of Recruitment Automation which can be done today
- What areas of in the workflow should recruiters be focussing on automating?
- What are the impediments to automation beyond the individual recruiter?
- Or should the automation always be individuated?
- How do recruitment leaders coach their teams to improve using AI?
- What the best tools to use today?
- Why is Ai-enabling a process so difficult?
- How do we get the pay off?
- How do we know when to abandon a bad idea?

All this and more on Brainfood Live On Air.
We're with Martyn Redstone, AI Automation Consultant (PPLBOTS), Bret Feig, VP Talent Acquisition (Zip Co), Mike Wolford, AI Implementation Consultant (Eponymous) and friends, on Friday 17th May, 2pm BST / 9am ET

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