Brainfood Live On Air - Ep260 - Future of Job Boards & Job Advertising (Part Deux)

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep260 - Future of Job Boards & Job Advertising (Part Deux)

By Hung Lee


The best Brainfood Lives always leave more to be said. Ep254 set new standards for intellectual horsepower, as we discussed GenAI impact on the future of job boards and job advertising. We had such great feedback that we had to bring the crew back to follow up, this time taking things a step further with an examination of 'agentic AI'

- How are job boards responding to AI agents?
- What demands are employers making of job boards?
- At what point do job boards recognise the risk that employers will no longer advertise jobs?
- How do employers identify such risks?
- Where is programmatic job advertising in this story?
- What are the challenges of having peek-a-boo job ads when the application speed from job candidates increases?
- What innovations do we expect to see from candidate side?
- Has anyone actually tested 'AI MassApply'?
- What assessment load should jobs boards take?
- Are agencies and job boards coming together in some sort of digital managed service?

All this and more, with Bill Fischer, CTO (VONQ), Louise Triance, Founder (UK Recruiter),
Josh Willows, Head of Programmatic Sales (Veritone), Alex Chukowski, Advisor (Jobiqo), Steven Rothberg, Founder (College Recruiter), Chris Russell, Founder (RecTech Media) & friends on Friday 14th June, 2pm BST / 9am ET

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