Brewers' feedback: Brewing NABLAB with LalBrew LoNa™

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Brewers' feedback: Brewing NABLAB with LalBrew LoNa™

By Lallemand Brewing

Are you curious about the art and science of crafting low-alcohol hybrid beers? Join us for an insightful feedback webinar where we'll dive into the world of NABLAB brewing with renowned brewers who were part of the trial for the innovative LoNa™ - Low Alcohol Hybrid Ale yeast.
Our guests, Sam Green from Untitled Art and James Conery from Sierra Nevada, will take you on a journey through their firsthand experiences brewing with LoNa™. These industry experts understand the challenges and intricacies of creating NABLAB, and they're excited to share their insights with you.
Leading the conversation is Andrew Paterson, Lallemand Brewing's Low Alcohol Toolkit champion and Sales Manager for UK and Scandinavia. Andrew will provide a brief introduction to LoNa™, setting the stage for an engaging and informative discussion with our expert brewers.

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