Building the Future with Allen Tsui (an Hour of Code Event)

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Building the Future with Allen Tsui (an Hour of Code Event)

By Robotical

In this 60-minute webinar, you'll embark on a STEM-filled adventure with Strawbees and Robotical, alongside the esteemed award-winning educator, Allen Tsui. In this thrilling #HourofCode event, we're bringing coding to life with a live session featuring the coding club at Willow Brook Primary School.

Highlights Include:

Strawbees Unveiled: Dive into the universe of Strawbees as we explore their latest features and products, opening the door to endless possibilities in interactive STEM learning.

Robotical Discovery: Discover the cutting-edge features of Marty the Robot, a revolutionary tool designed to make coding engaging and accessible for students of all ages.

Live Build and Code with Allen Tsui: Join Allen Tsui in a captivating live build and code session, where the Willow Brook Primary School coding club will use Strawbees and Marty the Robot to interact with each other in a fusion of innovation, STEM, coding and education in real time!

Don't Miss Out on the Giveaway!
Stay tuned until the end for a chance to win prizes that will elevate your learners' educational STEM learning experience.

Prepare to be inspired, learn, and connect with like-minded teachers and educators in this immersive STEM experience.

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