Getting Started with Okta Workflows Connector Builder

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Getting Started with Okta Workflows Connector Builder

By Okta Workflows

🔮 Why it's worth your time
Join this meetup to learn how to build a custom connector, using Okta’s Workflow Connector Builder.

📚 You will learn
You will get a hands-on introduction to Okta Workflows Connector Builder:
  • Building a custom connector with foundational building blocks:
  • Settings
  • Authentication
  • Flows
  • Testing the connector
  • Deploying the connector
And, stick around to get your questions answered.

👩🏽‍💻  Who should attend
  • Folks with some familiarity to Okta Workflows (watch Hands-On Introduction to Okta Workflows online meetup)
  • IT Administrators, Integration Architects
  • Product Manager, Developers, Marketing Operations and Technology Leads
  • DevOps Engineers and Security Engineers
🎙 Speaker
  • Grey Thrasher, Okta, Senior Technical Marketing Manager

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Okta Workflows

Okta Workflows


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