Birds and Humans: Tim Birkhead & Jon Carter in conversation - Birds and Us

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Birds and Humans: Tim Birkhead & Jon Carter in conversation - Birds and Us

By Lancaster Litfest

In Birds and Us Tim Birkhead takes the reader on a dazzling journey through our mutual history with birds, from ibises mummified and deified by ancient Egyptians to Renaissance experiments on woodpecker anatomy, from the Victorian obsession with egg-collecting to the present fight to save endangered species and restore their habitats. Packed with personal stories from his own life as an ornithologist, Birds and Us is the culmination of a life’s work and shows how birds have shaped us, and we have shaped them.

‘Thought-provoking at every turn, this inspiring, shocking wonder-filled exploration of our relationship with birds from earliest times delivers a sobering challenge to us living with birds today’
-Isabella Tree, author of Wilding

Tim Birkhead is a lifelong birdwatcher and former professor of Animal Behaviour and Evolution at Sheffield University, who has won accolades for his enthusiastic teaching and engagement. His many books include The Wisdom of Birds, Bird Sense and, most recently, Birds and Us. For the second weekend of the festival Tim Birkhead is also Litfest’s Naturalist in Residence (see p.22 for details).
Jon Carter first visited Leighton Moss as an 11-year-old and fell in love with the reserve’s vast wetland landscape. He is currently the RSPB’s Direct Marketing Manager based in Lancaster.

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