Candidate Experience: Tips You Can Implement Right Away!

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Candidate Experience: Tips You Can Implement Right Away!

By Screenloop

Join Talent Advisor & Thought Leader, Gonçalo Sequeira, Hiire, Anton Boner, co-founder of Screenloop, and special guests, Ebe Porter(Platomics) & Ana Tavaras (Feedzai) as they dive deep into the evolving landscape of candidate expectations.

The truth? What candidates want has drastically changed, and it's time your strategies evolved too.

This webinar will cover:
  • Real Talk on Candidate Desires - Forget what you thought you knew. Today's talent craves authenticity, feedback, and a glimpse into your company culture, way before they hit 'apply'.
  • Quick Wins for Immediate Impact - We're sharing the low-hanging fruit that's often overlooked but can significantly enhance your candidate experience (CX) overnight. Spoiler: It's simpler than you think.
Why continue to miss out on top talent because of outdated practices?

🔹 Discover the simple changes that make a big difference.
🔹 Learn how to implement actionable tips that resonate with today's job seekers.
🔹 Transform your CX to not just attract but retain the crème de la crème.

Ready to stop doing it wrong and start doing it right?
Join us. Elevate your hiring game. Instantly improve your candidate experience.

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