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Celebrate AAPI Middle Grade

By Books of Wonder

Middle Grade Tales to Delight!

These terrific new middle grade titles are full of magic, mischief, and friendship! Tune in to discover these great titles for celebrating AAPI Heritage Month!
Join us virtually for:
  • Any Way You Look by MALEEHA SIDDIQUI. Ainy is excited for all the fun plans she has this summer, and thinks she might even start wearing the hijab like her older sister! Everything changes, however, when a boy from the community starts giving her unwanted — and uncomfortable — attention. Ainy starts to think that maybe she should wear the hijab just to become invisible... but what if she loses her sparkle along the way?
  • Clairboyance by KRISTIANA KAHAKAUWILA. After accidentally wishing on a family heirloom to hear what boys are thinking, Clara wakes up the next day able to do just that! Too bad her newfound powers didn't arrive sooner, because then she could have stopped her ex–best friend Leo from betraying her! If Clara can use her powers to solve her problems, then she might be able to make up for lost time — but what if she makes a bigger mess instead?
  • Sona and the Golden Beasts by RAJANI LaROCCA. Sona is a descendant of the Malechs, foreigners who took over Devia centuries ago. Malechs put Devans to work and outlawed thier magic and music. But when Sona finds an orphaned wolf pup, a descendant of one of the five sacred beasts of Devia, and then someone she loves falls ill, Sona joins a Devan boy on a perilous quest to retrieve the nectar of life to heal them. What she learns along the way is that the future of Devia might just come down to her.
Saturday, May 25th at 5PM ET via Crowdcast!

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