Celebrate Father's Day!

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Celebrate Father's Day!

By Books of Wonder

It's Dad's Day!

Celebrate the fathers in your life with this fun virtual picture book event!
Tune in for:
  • Daddy, Tell Me a Story by KATHLEEN LONG BOSTROM. It's bedtime, and Sophie wants to hear a story, so she asks the best storyteller she knows: her dad! He starts telling a story involving unicorns when — HOLD ON — this isn't the story Sophie envisioned! She interrupts to request a tiny change, but the requests only get bigger from there! What ensues is a terrific father-daughter told tale!
  • My Daddy is a Cowboy by STEPHANIE SEALES. In the early hours before dawn, a young girl and her father greet their horses and ride together through the waking city streets. As they trot along, Daddy tells cowboy stories filled with fun, community, and pride. On this ride, the child discovers that she too is a cowboy — strong and confident in who she is.
  • Forever and Always by BRITTANY J. THURMAN. A young Black child waits for — and worries about — her father while he's away from home for work each day, but enjoys the love and attention of her parents once he gets home safely each evening!
  • The Days Are Long, the Years Are Short by AYA MORTON. From sunrise to nightfall, this family is on the go. And for every early wake-up, busy breakfast, missing shoe, and rush to get out the door, there is also a sweet smile, a “Mama, look!” and a snuggle before bedtime to make all of the day’s moments feel precious!
Saturday, June 8th at 2PM ET via Crowdcast!

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