Coming Home: People's Action 2023 Convention

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Coming Home: People's Action 2023 Convention

By People's Action

Welcome to the 2023 People's Action Convention! The Organizing Revival is our powerful plan to strengthen the fundamental skills of community organizing and organizations all across the nation.

In two plenary sessions on Sunday, June 25 and Monday, June 26, People's Action champions from across the country will be joined by Sulma Arias, our Executive Director, and special guests including Glenn Harris from Race Forward, Maurice Mitchell from the Working Families Party, Ana Garcia Ashley from Gamaliel, Rev. Alvin Herring from Faith in Action, Maryland State Delegate Jamila Woods, Minnesota State Representative Liish Kozlowski, Illinois State Representative Robert Peters, Cook County Commissioner Anthony Quezada, special musical guests and many others as we kick off our Organizing Revival to revitalize the movement for social justice!

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