Using Convey to Power your eLearning Ecosystem Webinar

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Using Convey to Power your eLearning Ecosystem Webinar

By inKnowvation

Out of date content? Long update times? Inconsistent updates? No ability to provide critical information outside of your Learning Management System (LMS)?

Convey, our Dynamic Publishing service, fully leverages your dominKnow | ONE content creation and knowledge management to power that process. From onboarding new employees with formal learning through to helping them excel on the job with informal learning.

With Convey, your team can rapidly publish and update content without loading and updating SCORM, AICC, and CMI5 packages into an LMS or LRS.

Plus, Convey lets you instantly deploy hosted sites for searchable knowledge bases, job aids and more to help your employees in the flow of work, with no need for your IT team's help.

Register to find out how two Fortune 100 companies are solving their company’s learning ecosystem’s problems with dominKnow | ONE and our Convey Dynamic Publishing service.

Learning isn’t an event, it’s an ongoing and continuous process.

Join us and our guests, Edward Hjorth (Open Text) and Shawna M. Lesseur, PhD, CPTD (Financial Services Company) as we explore actual use cases that you can apply immediately.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:
  • How a single-source content approach can save content development and update time
  • How to reduce bottlenecks and get your content into your LMS more efficiently
  • How to instantly deliver content to your users in the flow of work
Be sure to join us for this insightful conversation that will change the way you help your organization provide true performance improvements!

About dominKnow For more than a decade, dominKnow has been creating eLearning software for small teams and large organizations. Organizations around the world trust dominKnow | ONE's award-winning solution as their source of truth for all learning and knowledge content. The solution is a web-based authoring and content management solution that helps teams collaborate in real-time, share, and re-use content across projects, and easily engage subject matter experts in the review process.

Combining the award-winning dominKnow | ONE centralized content creation and knowledge management platform with our Convey dynamic publishing service creates a full end-to-end solution to help your organization get training, information and knowledge to your employees, customers, and stakeholders wherever they are, whenever they need it.


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