DIAMOND HALO CIRCLE w/Stephanie Lodge - 5.15.24

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DIAMOND HALO CIRCLE w/Stephanie Lodge - 5.15.24


Stephanie Lodge's DIAMOND HALO is a weekly online gathering designed to realign your LIGHT with the Angelic Light Streams of Creation. Stephanie holds their current consistently during session and has refined this ability for over almost 20 years.

This private membership circle meets 4 times a month (via Crowdcast) to align with the Angelic Light frequencies as transmitted via Stephanie Lodge, The Hug Angel. The Wednesday night gatherings happen at 6pm PT / 9pm ET and are scheduled as such:

Week 1: GLOBAL GLANCE - looking at the state of the month from the micro to macro with oracular guidance with cards, and Angelic Dream Keys overview.

WEEK 2: MAGDALENE MANIFESTATION - setting intentions for the month with amplification of Stephanie's signature Diamond Heart Magnetics process to bring in greater levels of abundance and dream awake new realities.

WEEK 3: HALO HEALING transmission utilizing one of Stephanie's modalities such as HALONETIX, CHRYSTALIS CODES, Magdalene Meditation, or the new HALO SOMA (Summer, 2024)

WEEK 4: DIAMOND EARTH ALIGNMENT: Group harmonic coherence for the earth with processes that help dream awake a new world of harmony and peace while working on personal release of ancient archetypes and more.

Join us weekly on Wednesdays at 6 pm PT / 9pm ET - LIVE!

The monthly membership is $55.99/month for 4 sessions. You can cancel any time before your next month's renewal when or if you need to. Please contact us via AngelicAcademy.com on how to join and save 50%!

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