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PLEASE READ 12/11/2023: If you are purchasing this recording, please click on the URL in the chat to access the 2.5 hour recording of the webinar, not the video on the screen. Long story short, the livestream malfunctioned 20 minutes into the session and would not work again, which prompted me to move the entire session to Zoom and upload the video online. The Crowdcast platform has been riddled with many technical difficulties this last few weeks that I have never experienced before to this level in the four years that I have been using this platform. I am deeply disappointed with their failure to fix their many technical issues and I will no longer be using their platform for future webinars, and investing instead in a different platform to avoid such issues in the future.

NOTE: This is a recording of a livestream that is the same content and material as the previously livestreamed webinar of the same title. Please also note that dollar amount of webinar purchase is USD currency.

Hello beautiful human,

This webinar is open to all creative humans at all levels and experiences.

I desire to show you that discipline, structure, and commitment to work in your creative practice can be fueled by pleasure, self-love, self-acceptance, and playful curiosity.

NOT punishment, perfectionism, and self-criticism.
(I've tried the latter for many years. I am having way more fun and creating so much more work with joy and ease doing the exact opposite.)

Your creative life is a complex living ecosystem that needs multiple levels of support and structure in order to thrive sustainably and manifest completed work AND give you replenishing pleasure.

DISCIPLINE IS PLEASURE: HOW TO CREATE STRUCTURE, HABITS, AND RITUALS TO BUILD YOUR CREATIVE PRACTICE will empower you with the following tools, skills, resources, rituals, meditations, and action steps:
  • Basic meditation techniques for clarity, grounding, and becoming aware of your own relationship to discipline and your creative practice
  • Writing prompts and creative exercises for discovering how pleasure can fuel your creative practice and what small micro-shifts in your day-to-day life can be implemented into your life for profoundly impacting your creative output while having fun and inviting magical play into your creative practice
  • Guided visualization for connecting with your creative genius and your creative ideas as their own unique energetic entities that are separate from you and can communicate their needs to you
  • Mindfulness techniques for feeling into where you feel the most resistance in your creative practice, and seeing your resistance and unproductive habits not as obstacles but as potent sources of creative power and perfect opportunities for leveling up
  • How to use timers, deadlines, and schedule restrictions to your benefit and seeing all creative work time as intentional and magical containers of time with a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end
  • Suggestions for daily habits, rituals, and lifestyle shifts for creating consistent commitment to creative work in a way that gives you pleasure and creates room for more pleasure in your life
It's okay to feel terrible doing creative work. You don't have to feel inspired all the time.

It's okay if most of the time you don't feel like doing creative work. That is why we implement creative work into our day-to-day as daily habits, not a once-in-a-while activity that happens when "inspiration strikes."

It's okay to want to do anything but the creative work.
You can still desire watching Netflix or eating a slice of pizza instead of doing creative work--the trick is to allow the desire to exist instead of completely suppressing it. <3

Come prepared to the webinar with writing utensils, an open mind, and ideally a comfortable place where you can sit and meditate.

Please also know that once you register for the event, you have unlimited replay access to this webinar, and this applies for both people who can attend the live event at the actual time and people who cannot make it to the exact 2.5-hour time frame!

Looking forward so much to supporting your creative practice.

Accessibility note: if you would like to turn on closed captioning, you will need to download the latest version of Google Chrome. In Google Chrome,  go to Preferences >> Advanced >> Accessibility and turn on Live Caption.  You will see closed captioning at the bottom of the live video feed during the livestream as well as when you are watching the replay.


Q: I want to join the livestream, but I can't make the exact time. Will the event be recorded?
A: Yes! Crowdcast automatically records the event, and if you sign up as per usual, you can watch the replay anytime. The recording is available at the same link you would use to view the livestream.

Q: How do I access the recording? I didn't get an e-mail.
A: The recording is automatically uploaded after the livestream, and you can go to the event page anytime after that to watch the recording. You can access it by going to the event page, click where it says "Already joined? Sign back in" and enter your e-mail address.

Q: Crowdcast won't accept my credit card! Can I still join?
A: Yes! If you e-mail me at yumisakugawa [at] gmail [dot] com, we can arrange for you to pay through Venmo or Paypal.

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