How to Nail the Basics of Building Your Employer Brand

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How to Nail the Basics of Building Your Employer Brand

By Flexa

Standing out in today’s crowded talent market takes more than just posting a job ad. Most candidates are discovering your company and making the decision of whether to apply well before they get to your job ad. If you’re wanting to attract the best aligned talent, you need to showcase what makes your company truly unique further up the hiring funnel.

But where do you even start? How do you nail the basic fundamentals of building a stand-out employer brand that will bring value for years to come? And, where and how do you showcase your flexible working culture?

Join us on the 18th of September at 11:30AM BST as we break down the essentials for building an employer brand that attracts top candidates and improves retention.

You’ll hear from the experts in EVP and employer brand building:
  • Molly Johnson-Jones, Co-Founder and CEO at Flexa
  • Chris Woods, Regional Recruitment Marketing & Inclusion Lead at Mars
  • Rosie Cook, HR Director UK/Ireland/South Africa at Miele
In this practical, skills based session, you’ll learn:
🚀 How to identify your employee value proposition and shout about it through your employer branding efforts
📲 Tips for leveraging social media platforms to authentically showcase your flexible working culture
🗣️ The power of employee generated content for recruitment marketing
📝 How to utilise flexibility to captivate and connect with your ideal candidates before they get to your jobs page
🏆 Why and how showcasing your benefits, flexibility, and DEI efforts helps attracts top talent

Join us for insider tips and strategies from top employer brand experts to guide you on making your company stand out from the crowd and make your talent pipeline stronger than ever.

Register today to attend our LIVE session followed by a Q&A where you will get to ask our panellists questions or catch up on demand to supercharge your employer brand efforts.

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