Invisible Impacts: The Role of Emotions in Movement Learning

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Invisible Impacts: The Role of Emotions in Movement Learning

By The Circus Doc

Join career circus coach and applied health scientist Adam Woolley MSc for the February Circus Smart Speaker Series lecture!

Emotions, moods and feelings have large, but under-researched impacts on motor performance and motor learning. Join us for a review of the psychology of emotions and research relating affect to performance, including Adam’s MSC research on the relationship of emotions in public physical education and circus arts arts education to self esteem!

Can't make it live?
** RECORDING AVAILABLE ** for one week afterwards

In his talk on the role of emotions in circus and motor performance Adam will answer the following questions:
  • how do researchers concieve of and measure emotions?
  • How do emotions relate to movement experiences?
  • How can we (teachers, coaches, PT’s, OT’s) set the stage for meaningful emotional experiences?

More about Adam Woolley:
  • Career circus coach, 15 years teaching social, pre-professional and professional artists
  • MSC in applied health science studying circus arts in physical education
  • Former chair of the safety committee for the American Circus Educators Association

Access him online!
IG: @proud_coach

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