Endurance Training for Work

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Endurance Training for Work

By What Works with Tara McMullin

Increase Your Endurance Without Breaking a Sweat!

One of the most important lessons I learned early in my running 'career' is that you achieve endurance by going as slow as you need to just keep going.

Another important lesson? If you don't rest, you will get hurt.

Endurance Training for Work takes what I've learned about endurance training for running and applies it to a gentle approach to planning your days, weeks, and months.

You'll learn about:
  • Planning for small, incremental increases in work intensity
  • Structuring your day using heart rate training
  • Considering long-term 'health' and avoiding 'overuse injuries'
  • Incorporating cross training to build strength and counter imbalances
Whether or not you've ever trained to run a marathon, hike a challenging trail, or—heck—dressed up for a Halloween fun run...

...this workshop will offer practical strategies for avoiding the pain of overwork and overwhelm.

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What Works with Tara McMullin

What Works with Tara McMullin


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