Making Electricity Clean, Affordable & Reliable

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Making Electricity Clean, Affordable & Reliable

By Mindful Money

Our electricity system is a key to achieving multiple aims - the transition to net zero, making energy affordable and building resilience. There are concerns that the current system is failing on each of these aims. There has been little investment in renewable energy generation over the past decade, even though renewables are the lowest cost for generation.

Instead, the gentailers have revalued their assets and paid out the proceeds to their shareholders. They dominate the electricity market, resulting in barriers to new entrants and high prices to consumers.

At a time of high cost of living and rising pressure on households, their excessive profits are coming under scrutiny. And the electricity system remains highly vulnerable to disruption from extreme weather events. This seminar will look at proposals for reform and alternatives.

We'll be talking with:
  • Al Yates is a Director of Ecotricity
  • Margaret Cooney, CEO, Octopus NZ
  • Alva Feldmeier, Executive Director, 350 Aotearoa

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