Empowering Java Applications with NoSQL: A Hands-On Workshop

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Empowering Java Applications with NoSQL: A Hands-On Workshop

By Payara

Dive into the dynamic world of NoSQL databases and discover how they can revolutionize your Java applications in our free, interactive workshop, “Empowering Java Applications with NoSQL.”

Designed for senior engineers, architects, and Java developers with a keen interest in NoSQL databases, this workshop brings to life the cutting-edge concepts and techniques from the acclaimed book by Otavio Santana “Java Persistence with NoSQL: Unleashing the Power of NoSQL: Integrating MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J, Redis, and more in Enterprise Java Architecture.”

  • A deep understanding of NoSQL databases, including their types, advantages, and when to use them over traditional SQL databases.
  • Practical experience in integrating MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J, and Redis with Java applications, utilizing real-world scenarios.
  • Mastery of using Jakarta EE and Microprofile to enhance Java applications, ensure compatibility, and maximize performance.
  • Skills in implementing polyglot persistence within enterprise Java architecture, enabling optimized data storage and retrieval strategies.
  • Expertise in data modeling, querying, and applying advanced NoSQL techniques, such as transaction management and optimization, to Java applications.
  • Confidence in architecting and developing scalable, flexible, and robust Java applications that leverage NoSQL databases’ unique capabilities.
  • The ability to navigate the complexities of modern application development, using a comprehensive toolkit to efficiently tackle data challenges.

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