ESG for High-Growth Companies

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ESG for High-Growth Companies

By Social Impact World

In today’s economic climate, it's crucial for social impact leaders to illustrate how their work adds to the financial bottom line. ESG provides the framework that helps SI leaders demonstrate the business case for social impact, secure leadership buy-in, and better align their work with internal and external stakeholder needs.

This webinar is designed as a bootcamp on ESG processes and material issues for social impact leaders at high-growth companies.

We’ll cover:
  • The 6-step process for designing and executing ESG strategy
  • An overview of the 10 ESG topics most likely to be material for tech companies, as well as a framework to analyze any company’s sustainability profile
  • 3 case studies from tech companies to help participants put what they learn into practice

About the Speaker

Shelby Crowell is the lead consultant at Actera Consulting, which helps high-growth companies like Telesign and Level Access build and launch Corporate Social Impact (CSI) programs. A FSA Credential Holder and GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, Shelby received her Sustainability Certificate from the UCLA School of Extension. She has 10 years of social impact experience — most recently at the ed-tech nonprofit UPchieve (YC21).

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