Faking a Cryptoterrestrial Invasion

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Faking a Cryptoterrestrial Invasion

By Dr Salla Webinars

In a recent academic paper, Harvard University professors proposed the existence of cryptoterrestrials as a valid explanation for the origin of the UFO phenomenon. Rather than extraterrestrials arriving from distant exoplanets on superluminal spacecraft, the explanation for UFOs now shifts to cryptoterrestrials who are living under Earth’s surface and oceans. The authors speculate that cryptoterrestrials are survivors from very ancient civilizations that achieved a high-level of technological sophistication, before disappearing under the Earth’s surface during cataclysmic surface events.

There is abundant historical evidence pointing to the existence of crypoterrestrials and their interaction with surface humanity during cataclysmic events. One only has to consider Hopi legends of Ant People helping native Americans escape the transition from and into different worlds to appreciate the widespread nature of such legends. However, in the modern era, the emphasis has shifted to UAPs as an unknown national security threat. The US Congress, the military/intelligence community, and an increasing number of world officials go to great lengths to justify their interest in UAPs as an important national security concern, thereby avoiding the stigma from decades of earlier public ridicule over the topic.
Why the sudden shift in narrative to UFOs are a national security threat, and cryptoterrestrials are behind it?

Why has the US Congress taken steps to reintroduce the military draft for men between 18-26? In his next webinar, Dr. Michael Salla presents a disturbing picture of the Deep State preparing a false flag alien event using, not extraterrestrials from distant worlds, but cryptoterrestrials from beneath Earth’s surface as the culprit. Most alarmingly, he provides extensive data on many thousands, if not millions, of cloned alien life forms created in Deep Underground Military Bases that are likely to be used in staging a false flag alien event.









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