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Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

By Books of Wonder

Middle Grade Magic and Mischief Galore!

These tales are full of whimsy and wonder, adventure and adversaries, and are bound to keep you entranced!
Tune in to discover:
  • The (Super Secret) Octagon Valley Society by MELISSA de la CRUZ. After genius Edwin wins an invite to attend an exclusive weekend at the mysterious high-tech institute of the ultrabazillionaire-genius-recluse Onasander Octagon, he's excited to meet other kids like him. But when they're not, and the weekend events include an escape-room challenge, a zero-gravity chamber, a river full of piranhas, and... ninjas, surviving Octagon Valley may require these outcasts to not only embrace their inner weird, but work together like never before.
  • Sona and the Golden Beasts by RAJANI LaROCCA. Sona is a descendant of the Malechs, foreigners who took over Devia centuries ago. Malechs put Devans to work and outlawed thier magic and music. But when Sona finds an orphaned wolf pup, a descendant of one of the five sacred beasts of Devia, and then someone she loves falls ill, Sona joins a Devan boy on a perilous quest to retrieve the nectar of life to heal them. What she learns along the way is that the future of Devia might just come down to her.
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