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Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

By Books of Wonder

Magical Middle Grade Titles!

Dragons and time travel and magic, oh my! These fantastical new books are sure to enchant fans of middle grade reads!
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  • This Again? by ADAM BORBA. Noah's life is going pretty well at the moment. But despite the solid grades, great friends, and finally becoming closer his longtime crush, he can't help but fixate on the might've beens... until he runs into his future self at the bowling alley! This future Noah tells him to do a string of ridiculous things in order to achieve perfection, but current Noah begins to suspect his true motives...
  • Lightningborn (Storm Dragons #1) by JULIE KAGAWA. Remy spends his days trying to survive the mean streets of his floating island, until a megastorm blows a rare baby dragon onto his doorstep. At the same time, Gem is trying to prove herself a powerful mage and not a spoiled princess by saving the island from falling into the violent storm raging below it — she just needs a rare dragon to do it. When the two collide, neither's lives will ever be the same!
  • The City Beyond the Stars by ZOHRA NABI. Yara may have stopped the magical plague spreading its way through her new home, but to do so, she had to leave her mother in the hands of the sinister alchemists. Now she must set off on a journey to rescue her, before both her mother and her home are lost to the alchemists.
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