June Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

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June Fantastic Middle Grade Reads

By Books of Wonder


Fall into a Fantasy!

Filled with magical words you and your young reader won't be able to get enough of, this virtual event featuring new middle grade fantasies you won't want to miss!

Be sure to tune in to uncover the tales of goddesses out for revenge, AI robots with divine powers, faceless children from Carribean folktales, magical ink that can rewrite reality, and doors that are portals to other worlds!

  • Last Fallen Realm (Gifted Clans #3) by GRACI KIM. The thrilling conclusion to the bestselling Gifted Clans trilogy! Ever since Riley killed the Cave Bear Goddess, she's been preparing for the goddess's sister to take revenge... and the wait is finally lover.
  • The Ruby Code by JESSICA KHOURY. Ash has just begun playing the old fantasy game, The Glass Realm, when he meets a seemingly humble shopkeeper named Ruby. But Ruby seems different.. is different — she's a sentient AI whose powerful abilities can rewrite the very code of the game!
  • Nightmare Island by SHAKIRAH BOURNE. After her brother becomes paralyzingly afraid of the dark, Serentiy's parents whisk him away for treatment on Duppy Island. But Serenity doesn't trust this place or its creepy leader. And her suspicions are proven right when she learns the truth: Duppy Island is home to douens — faceless children who travel between the realm of the living and the dead!
  • Inkwell Chronicles: The Ink of Elspet by J. D. PEABODY.  When their father goes missing after a train crash, Everett and his little sister Bea find a curious pen in his belongings that can rewrite the world as they know it! While the Ink leads them to a world filled with magical possibilities, it's also a world teeming with villains and now it's up to Everett and Bea to protect it at all costs!
  • Greenwild by PARI THOMSON. Eleven-year-old Daisy is on the run but from what and whom she doesn't even know. Her escape leads her to a mysterious doorway... that leads her to another world! This is the Greenwild, bursting with magic, natural wonders, and dark forces that want to destroy it all!
Sunday, June 4th at 3:00PM EST via Crowdcast!

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