Virtual Fierce Reads Dungeons & Dragons!

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Virtual Fierce Reads Dungeons & Dragons!

By Tubby & Coo's Book Shop

Tubby & Coo's Book Shop is pleased to host a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot campaign with Fierce Reads and authors Tanaz Bhathena,  Margaret Owen, and Katy Rose Pool. This event will be held digitally via Crowdcast.

You can register for this event by ordering any of the books on our website, or you can click "Save My Spot" to register with a donation of any amount of your choice. Donations are to help sustain our events programming. If you cannot afford to purchase the book or to donate even $1, you may register for the event for free, no questions asked, by e-mailing us at [email protected].

Please note Tubby & Coo’s has a zero tolerance policy for harassment or intimidation of any kind during our events.

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