Unlocking Insights: Mass Timber Fire Performance

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Unlocking Insights: Mass Timber Fire Performance

By WoodWorks

The presentation will be focused on providing a summary of the Mass Timber Demonstration Fire Test Program’s results and include the following segments:
· Introduction and background on what led to the demonstration fire tests.
· Overview of research prior to the demonstration fire tests and the contribution of the demonstration fire tests to the understanding of the fire performance of mass timber construction.
· Review of the five fire scenarios including the design, videos of the tests, and discussion of the results.
· Overview of National Research Council's report including data collection, analysis, and conclusions.
· Q&A session to allow participants the opportunity to seek clarification or additional information.
About the Speaker:
Steven Craft, PhD, P.Eng., CHM Fire Consultants Ltd
Dr. Steven Craft is a founding partner of CHM Fire Consultants Ltd located in Ottawa and Toronto, ON. He served as an Adjunct Professor in the Fire Safety Engineering Program at Carleton University from 2010- 2019 and was a Research Scientist with Canada’s National Forest Products Research Institute (FPInnovations) from 2006-2011. He has an undergraduate degree in Forest Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and a PhD in Fire Safety Engineering from Carleton University. He is the Chair of the ULC Fire Test Committee, is a Vice-chair of ASTM Committee on Fire Standards and is on the Technical Committee for the Canadian Wood Design Standard, CSA O86, where he Chairs the Task Group on Fire Resistance. Dr. Craft has been involved in over 20 significant mass timber building projects across Canada and multiple large-scale fire tests on mass timber construction.

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